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 How To Propose A New Bill.

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PostSubject: How To Propose A New Bill.   Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:20 am

This thread tells you how to propose a new bill. If the new bill does not have all the information required then the bill will be rejected without even being reviewed by the Council. Any member of the alliance can propose a bill.

First the topic must have a suitable title. An example of a suitable title would be 'Ranks Based On Greek Gods'. An example of an example that is not suitable would be 'My Super Bill'.

The Bill should contact information on the following:

1) What the Bill is designed to do.

2) Why the Bill should be passed.

3) How the Bill is going to benefit the alliance

4) It should also explain how the Bill could be implemented and how the Bill will work.

Once the post has been posted then the Council Leader will then decide on how the Bill should be voted on. The Bill can be passed without a vote but the Council Leader must discuss the Bill with the Leader (me). If the Bill requires a vote then the Council Leader will start the vote depending on if it needs a Council vote or an Alliance vote.

If the Bill is passed then the Council will try and implement the Bill as soon as possible. If the Bill is rejected then the Bill can be proposed again in the next month.
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How To Propose A New Bill.
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