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 Battle Plans We May Use In Future Wars

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PostSubject: Battle Plans We May Use In Future Wars   Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:29 pm

These are some old battle plans that an old friend came up with back in Alpha... I was just looking over our old Alpha forums and I found them there and so I thought I'd post them here. I wish I had looked there a few days back, they could have helped us with the war against Cosa Nostra. Without further a-do, here are the battle plans that we can use in future wars:

Battle Plan: Suffocation

If we have the naval upper hand, we will blockade enemy towns with the largest armies to prevent deployment of their forces. Left over ships will be used to block our other targets or decimate remaining naval forces. Our main targets and objective of this plan is to pillage cities with high resources until they have nothing left. In the case our main objectives are well guarded, we will single out the town or towns with the best ratio of troops:resources. That done and the enemy paralyzed we will systematically decimate their troops one town at a time.

Battle Plan: Mouse Trap

We will do the blocking above and at the same time occupy a town with good enough walls but maybe a half-assed army (if possible). We then unblock some of the towns and hopefully the enemy will be tempted to liberate the town. it would be best if we would occupy with as few forces as possible, maybe a fast siege force to give the enemy the hope of victory. When he sends his forces and are about to arrive, we send in our main attack force as reinforcements and blow his force to pieces, with few casualties to us, hopefully.

Battle Plan: Hydra

This is the trickiest of the bunch and probably most costly. We need to divide our entire force into teams i.e. pillage siege, occupation. then we start a full out battle, hopfully with us defending. either by holing up in an allied town and sending a few challenging messages or occupying a good wall town. while the enemy scrambles to defend, we'll send out our pillage teams to sack the undefended towns for resources. alternatively we could also decimate the forces that were not sent to the battle thus cutting off reinforcements.

Like a Star @ heaven Please note that I did not write these Like a Star @ heaven
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Battle Plans We May Use In Future Wars
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